What good is a web site if nobody visits?

Even if you have an amazing product and a beautiful website, your results won’t be as good as they could be if you are not driving traffic to your site.

That’s where we come in!

Our traffic is 100% human and there are no bots.  We use sophisticated targeting algorithms, CAPTCHA testing, Click screening and filtering by dozens of traffic quality metrics and apply industry-standard blacklists.

Our traffic is registered by Google Analytics and averages a minimum of 2 page views and over one minute on site. 

Every single visitor is verified that they are human and we have a bunch of technical ways of verifying this such as filters for:   non-empty referrer, referrer match, IP match, Valid User-Agent, User Agent match. Our JavaScript Filter is used to filter Offscreen Window, Small Window, Minimized Window, Iframe, JavaScript Disabled, No Cookie Support clicks. We also apply a Flash Filter used to filter clicks if browsers don’t have Shockwave Flash plugin installed.

Therefore, we are confident that any traffic that is being delivered is of the highest possible quality and if any visitors don’t meet our high filtering standards they are dropped before being delivered.

  • Beautifully designed website
  • All set up and integration
  • Listing on major search engines



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